Beauty Cream for Eyes

A healthy body is the mirror of a healthy mind and a well-kept contour. There are certain items which form an indispensable part of the skincare routine, like the cleansers, moisturizer and not to forget about the savior from the sun: the sunscreen. But a review with the aestheticians and the dermatologists changed our perception about eye creams. No longer should eye creams be considered as an extra, in fact, now onwards applying under eye creams should be one of the important parts of our daily routine. Readmore of this article to find out what makes under eye creams such an indispensable part of the daily life as much as other beauty creams

What is the role of an under eye cream in our beauty routine?

Dermatologists are of the opinion that if we start taking care of our skin in the early twenties, it somehow slows down the aging clock. Secondly and most importantly dermatologists opine that the eyelids are the thinnest layer of the skin but the most active part of the body due to blinking. So, it is logical that it should need a little bit of extra care. And besides, there is a subtle difference between moisturizers and under eye creams. Under Eye, creams are lighter in texture and help retain the moisture of the eye and decrease the puffiness of the eyes. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are incapable of reducing the dark eye, the under eye circles.

Morning Coffee and Under Eye Products

Caffeine is a must. Much like your favorite morning coffee, which rejuvenates you every morning, caffeine in your under eye cream helps the blood vessels under your eye to rejuvenate and reduces the puffiness of the eyes. A great day eye cream also comprises of peptides to increase production of collagen, antioxidants to prevent the skin from aging and mica, a helpful ingredient that helps diminish the dark circles.

Is there any specific age when a person can start using under eye creams?

The ideal answer is every day if your age has crossed twenty. There is no underlined age limit from when one can start applying an under eye skin. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on under eye creams. Under Eye, creams start as low as $17.

The best time to apply an under eye cream is every morning after bath. Take a peanut size dollop of cream on the palm and apply it on the under the eye. There is also a special technique of applying the under eye creams. Apply them using gentle upward strokes with a little pressure of the little finger.

Precautionary measures with eye creams

Every under eye cream needs to be changed after an interval of 18 months. While buying the under eye cream, be very sure to check for the expiry date.

All said and done, if you can make a little bit of time in your beauty regime for this little extra care, you are sure to bid a goodbye to dark under eye circles and puffy eyes forever.