What is microblading?

Microblading is that technique whereby a tool is employed to etch hairy strokes underneath the skin. Here the cosmetologist or dermatologist makes incision strokes along the brows to improve, enhance and reshape the eyebrows. The brows appear very natural at the end. The entire process involves the use of nanoblade that is dipped in the pigment. The pigment matches the skin tone or natural skin color of the one undergoing the cosmetic procedure. No one is perfect in this world. If you think you cannot do without makeup for even a single minute and your brows are thin, you may go for microblading.

8_What is microblading

The various names of brow microblading

For brow microblading, various terms can be used like micropigmentation, microstroking, eyebrow feathering, eyebrow embroidery and many such. Eyebrow microblading is relatively new. It is popular in Europe and Asia for around 25 years by now.

How it works?

The procedure of microblading is not very invasive. Here a microblade tool is used that resembles exacto knife. Giving a closer look to the knife will show you several micro needles. It is dipped into the specific color or pigment which resembles your skin color. The microblade makes a fine cut or incision on the skin which helps in the penetration of pigment. If the technique is implemented properly, the end result would be completely natural and beautiful brows.

Why is it better?

The process of microblading is just like using tattoo on the skin. It is eyebrow tattoo applied semi-permanently. Microblading is different from permanent makeup on two grounds. They are:

  • The ink used has the base of iron oxide. Iron oxide is used in many cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation, blush and eyeshadow for decades. The color vanishes overtime and this is much unlike permanent makeup
  • The pigment here is not applied on a deeper level. Permanent cosmetic procedure uses pigment where it is implanted on a deeper level. The upper layer of dermis is penetrated with microneedles

No need for maintaining

The result of microblading is amazingly natural. There is no need for daily care and upkeep. So, say ‘goodbye’ to the brow upkeep routine. The result of microblading lasts for nearly 2-3 years. A touchup is required after 12 months to keep intact the natural color. Beautifully shaped brows and semi-permanent brows are the result of microblading. The color and shape of the eyebrow may be adapted to the color of the skin. You need not worry about the fading color of cosmetic.

Facts on microblading

Are you having thin eyebrows? You are perfect candidate for microblading. Semi-permanent filling is the perfect option to gain fuller eyebrows. It is the tattooing procedure which fills the thin eyebrows and they then appear fuller. The effect of microblading may last for 3 years time. The following are the facts you should know:

  • A handheld tool with micro needles are used
  • only trained cosmetologist must carry out microblading as there can be skin infections
  • The success of this procedure relies on the one doing it

Choose a proper salon for microblading. The one doing the procedure should be a licensed and certified esthetician who received proper training.