4 Simple tips to make your sleep much sweeter and longer

Falling asleep may seem like an eternity especially if its 3am and one is staring bug-eyed at the ceiling. For some, they might feel hopeless, and prepare for an inevitable day of mood swings, and plenty of stress.

However, despite the apparent feeling of lack of control, the truth is that one is able to determine the kind of quality sleep that he or she is able to get.

In fact, a number of research studies have figured out some subtle activities that may be affecting the quality and duration of sleep that individuals get on a nightly basis.

That being said, here are simple tips to help improve the sleep quality and duration.

Avoid chemicals and the likes of caffeine and alcohol that interfere with sleep patterns

Most chemicals and drugs serve as stimulants, and thus, can keep one awake longer than they were expecting. So before hitting the sheets, make it a habit to steer clear from the likes of caffeine and alcohol at least six hours before preparing to sleep.

Moreover, though alcohol might make one feel as if they are tired and sleepy, it greatly reduces the quality of sleep and can induce sudden awakenings during the night.

Transform the bedroom into a sleeping environment.

It’s important to make the bedroom sleep-friendly. For instance, does one leave the radio on while going to sleep? Such factors might actually be affecting the quality of sleep that they are getting. As a rule of thumb, always ensure that the bedroom has as minimal noise inducers as possible.

Moreover, ensure that there is no light emanating from the corridors or other rooms and seeping into the bedroom. This can disrupt one’s sleep pattern in the middle of the night and cause them to wake up abruptly. Make the room as dark as possible before entering bed.

Furthermore, what is the temperature of the room? If it is too cold, one might wake up shivering hence disrupting their sleep. On the other hand, if it is too warm, then the heat might cause one to sweat excessively at night.

Going to bed when one is truly tired

In modern times, the presence of electronic gadgets have made the bedroom a secondary office as well as an entertainment center! Unfortunately, such a situation psychologically messes with one’s mind, as the subconscious begins to associate the bedroom as a place to stay awake.

That being said, one should only go to bed if they are truly tired, and not as a place to extend their work or to watch a movie.

This way, the brain will automatically adjust itself to immediately shut down (in the hypothetical sense) the moment one’s head hits the pillow.

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Take it easy on meals and drinks before bed

Last but not least, contrary to what most people believe, eating and drinking heavily at night does not guarantee blissful sleep. In fact, it worsens it. This is because the digestive organs have to be set to work to breakdown the food, expending a lot of energy in the process.

This is why at times one might suddenly wake up and finds they need to go the toilet really bad!