Looking at Layered Haircuts? Check Out These Pro’s and Con’s Before You Decide

Layers are trendy and can add lots of texture and volume to your hairstyle. And it’s a trend because so many people try layered haircuts and love them. But layers can also have some drawbacks. Before you jump feet first from an all-one-length style, take a look at the pros and cons of layering your hair.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Layered Haircuts

The Pro’s of Layering

There are lots of reasons to follow the layering trend. Here are a few to think about before you decide.

  • AddedMovement

If you love that shakeable movement in your hair, layers are for you. Plus, you can get a new look without losing a lot of your length.

  • FrameYourFace

Not ready for a whole head of layers? Then try just a few around your face. Flattering layered haircuts draw attention to your eyes and changes up your style.

  • ComplementsyourFaceShape

Layers can balance your face in a way you never thought possible. The right layers in the right places can make your features look more proportionate. Plus, those same layers can emphasize your lips and cheeks. Evenyoureyes.

  • VolumeandBody

Layers come in all shapes and textures. Piecey and edgey, light and airy and everywhere in between. And they are so popular because they take off the extra weight of your hair and bring out your natural volume. Even limp hair perks up with a few layers. So if you want volume and body, plus some extra texture, take a look at the fun layered haircuts that are out there.

And Now the Con’s

Yep. For all the amazing pro’s for layering there are some con’s to think about before cutting layers into your hair.

  • Maintenance

You will spend more time keeping your layers in shape than with an all-one-length style. You’ll want them shaped-up every 6 weeks to keep them at their best. Plus, you may need some extra time to straighten or curl those different lengths.

  • GrowOutPains

Many a stylist has advised their customer to ‘just be patient’ during the grow out period. Your hair doesn’t all grow at the same rate. So your layers may need extra trims to keep them looking good while you are growing them out. Plus, the frustration of those layers growing at different lengths is, well, frustrating.

  • LimitedStyles

Because your hair is different lengths, you will find that some styles aren’t as smooth with layered haircuts. You may need a few pins and product to keep your ponytail smooth. And the same goes with braids.

  • Face Shape and Hair Type Still Counts

Not everyone looks great in layered haircuts. And not every hair type works well with layers. You may end of elongating your face when you really don’t want that, or having less shape to your style. So work with your stylist to help you decide if layers will work for you.