Getting new makeup or even makeup brushes is great and all. But having a good mirror to help you apply them with or use them is what can really make or break your makeup game.

Your room light is fine if you’re just going for a “no makeup” makeup look. But if you’re going for a detailed or multi-step makeup routine, you will want to have a vanity mirror with lights so you can see every single aspect of your makeup.

With regular mirrors, you might miss a spot that your foundation, concealer, or setting powder had a disagreement with and had to altogether cake, or a part that’s not been blended well. And you wouldn’t want to leave the house with that.

I searched online and put together a list of some of the best makeup vanity lighted mirrors. Find them out below!

Mirrorvana X-Large Trifold Makeup Mirror

5 mirrors in one tri-fold mirror.

This mirror has a crystal clear glass and 22 HD LED lights. It is powered by 4 AA batteries or by USB charging. It has 1x, 3x, 5x and 10x magnifications.

It can be adjusted 180° horizontally and 360° vertically. The lights are dimmable. The mirror is also detachable.


11.10” L x 8.7″ W

  • No distortion
  • 5 mirrors
  • 4 types of magnifications
  • Two power supply choices
  • Detachable base
  • Has a bottom tray
  • Adjustable positioning and lights
  • Includes a 6-ft USB cable
  • None

Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror

Need a really big mirror?

This one from Nitin is a great option. It is not a tri-fold mirror but a single mirror with big benefits. It has 14×3 W LED light bulbs around its perimeter except for the bottom part with 5000k color temperature (warm light) and 6200k color temperature (daylight).

It is pretty bright, to say the least. But the brightness is adjustable with the touch sensor located on the screen. Plus, it has a memory function too, so when you turn it on, it remembers your last settings and starts with that!

It’s made up of strong aluminum and solid legs. It is big enough to be used as a dressing or grooming mirror.


27” L x 23” H x 4.5” W

  • Ultra-bright
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Memory function
  • Big LED bulbs
  • High color temperatures
  • Durable and strong
  • Can be heavy for some desks
  • Might not fit some desks

Magicfly XLarge Led Vanity Mirror

See yourself better in this large 28-LED lights adjustable tri-fold mirror.

The brightness brought about by the 28 lights is adjustable through a sensor switch. It has 4 levels of magnification: 1x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. No detail will ever be missed!

The mirror itself is adjustable to 360° sideways, and 180° up and down. You can achieve all the angles that you need!

Its base also has a component or holder so you can store your makeup or brushes. You can power it by using 4 AAA batteries or by using a USB cable (included).


16” H x 10.7” L x 3.75” W


  • 5 mirrors
  • 4 types of magnifications
  • Two power supply choices
  • Has a bottom tray
  • 360 and 180-degree rotation
  • Includes a USB cable


  • None

Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

Weight and Size

Smaller mirrors are portable and can be brought with you when you travel. Bigger ones are best for table or mounted on the vanity.


Some mirrors can go from 2x magnification, to 10x. Magnification is important when applying makeup because it helps you apply it in a precise and specific way. It can show you up close situations of how the makeup you’ve just put is doing, and what part of the face needs what.


There are makeup mirrors that don’t have light and there are those that do. The latter is always the best one when it comes to precise, detailed, and professional makeup application, or even just an everyday makeup that you want perfect to a T.

Rooms that don’t have access to a lot of sunlight especially when the weather is bad, will need a lighted mirror. These mirrors are usually made with LED lighting which is the most favored type of light because of its brightness and long-lasting quality.

Choose, however, a lighted mirror that has adjustable brightness. It’s not every time that you need the brightest light.

Height and Angle

Mounted mirrors can’t be adjusted. But tabletop and portable ones should be. This is because you need to angle yourself when applying makeup to be able to apply it correctly. If you’re the one who constantly adjusts, you will strain your neck over time, unless it’s large.


I like applying makeup in daylight where the sun is my source, but I also like applying it using makeup mirrors with lights. I usually do light and natural makeup with natural light and dramatic full-on makeup with lighted mirrors.

Both work great for me except when it’s night time and I have to prepare for an event or dinner party where I definitely need a lighted mirror. I both have wall-mounted mirrors and tabletop ones and I can say that they are my saviors!

Let us know what you think about this list!